We warmly invite you to join the 4th International Expressive Arts Therapy and Coaching Conference, held in Zagreb 12-14 October 2018, and become a part of an open and vibrant community dedicated to discovery through art!

This Conference originated as a gathering of professionals from Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy and Jungian Coaching educational programs led by Dr. Avi Goren-Bar in five countries (Israel, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey and Croatia), which evolved to many different programs shaped by creativity & expression. Acting as an intense three-day laboratory for change, it creates a space for therapists, practitioners, artists, coaches and all other individuals interested in art therapy from these five countries and beyond to meet, share ideas, exchange knowledge and grow as people and as professionals. 

Each Conference is dedicated to a different topic, making it a unique and exciting experience. Previous Conferences in Istanbul, Bled and Athens showed that art was a powerful medium for creating bonds between people. These experiences served as inspiration for this year’s topic – growing together as a community by being exactly who we are.

During these three days we invite you to bring forward all that you are: your professional know-how and experience, your personal stories, vulnerability, strengths and wisdom, your cultural heritage and dreams for the future. Together we will create a safe space for overcoming our initial fear of contact, so we can freely express ourselves, learn from each other, enjoy the feeling that we belong and support one another.

At Zagreb Conference, we will let many exciting languages of expressive arts therapy – dance, poetry, painting, theatre, storytelling, music and performance – function as catalysts for personal healing. You are most definitely NOT required to have artistic ability – exactly as you are, you can enjoy and benefit from art therapy.

Our wish is that this Conference becomes an empowering experience for you, but also that it helps you incorporate the gained insights into your community. Let's support each other to sow the seed of the community art and transform our communities into living, healing and growing works of art!



We are looking forward to seeing you this October in Zagreb!