Growing Together – Community as Art

Living today for most of us means being affected by numerous scientific and technological achievements and being raised with the ideas of unlimited consumption, unending production and praise for individualism. Globalisation has made possible for these principles to spread all over the planet. However, now it seems that in this process some things were left behind.

Caring for the ones that surround us and for the environment itself is becoming more and more important each day, as the feeling of loneliness, depression and lack of meaning on personal levels follow the alienation that happens on the social and ecological level. 

How can we be individuals and belong to a nourishing community?

This is what we would like to explore during this year’s Expressive Arts Therapy and Coaching Conference.

Is it possible that we build a community that welcomes all that each of us is and grows from our differences – seeing them as our gifts? Is it possible to create together a safe enough space where we might not be afraid of each other but allow us to be seen and heard, challenged and supported? Is it possible to share the awareness that not only our lives are a work of art, but how we connect with each other as an organism is (a social sculpture - ) a work of art as well? Is it possible to grow together and to create a community as a work of art?

Maybe it is possible during the Conference to plant a seed of a state of being where the individual is healing the community, and the community is healing the individual.

What kind of community as a work of art can we create together?


We are looking forward to seeing you this October in Zagreb!